5 Tips for Your Daylight Savings Angling Routine

5 Tips for Your Daylight Savings Angling Routine

It's time for more daylight! This time of year doesn’t just mark a switch into spring and warmer weather—that extra hour of sunlight makes for some of the year’s best fishing and cruising, too.

Wondering how to perfect your on-the-water routine in time for Daylight Savings? We’ve got you covered! Read on to see five of our top tips.

Prepare the night before

An extra hour of sunlight is too good of a deal for most anglers to pass up—so you might be excited to squeeze in spontaneous trips after work or before dinner. You want to be prepared for when spontaneity strikes, so try to keep some basic essentials with you in case you head to the marina come five o’ clock. Tackle, a change of clothes, your lucky fishing hat and maybe a hearty snack—whatever you need to enjoy those impromptu, Daylight Savings-spurred trips to the fullest.

Of course, when you’re spending more time on the water, there’s always the possibility that you end up spending a little more than you might have planned. No worries. Just be sure to pack accordingly, storing some extra food, towels or blankets for chilly weather and, of course, using your on-board lights for safety as you make your back to shore when the adventure is all said and done.

Stick with sunscreen

While you’re preparing for the next day, don’t forget to check sunscreen off your list! While you might not be used to lathering on sun protection around dinnertime, it’s still a must-have for anglers who are spending any amount of time under the sun.

Pick the perfect lure for the job

Here’s where your technique (and maybe some added research!) comes in handy. While fish may be biting more toward the end of the day, you still want to come prepared with the right type of tackle for catching success during the in-between time, as day fades to night. One option you might consider is movement—when it’s hard for fish to see as the daylight decreases, for example, you can count on spinning, buzzing lures to drum up action below the surface. Your approach might even change by the hour, since the sky (and, thus, fishing conditions) tend to shift drastically during dusk.

Know your surroundings

Another key step to successful late-day fishing is to know your surroundings. You may find that fish gravitate toward the shallow water during this part of the day (often next to the weeds and other shoreline vegetation, if you’re cruising the lake). This is especially true for bass, who generally tend to stick to the shallows, and the growth going on there, as they search for cover and prepare to spawn. Wherever you go, spend some time researching the environment or asking fellow anglers to get a sense of what the area calls for, approach-wise.

Mix up the routine

With the switch in sunny hours, you have more useable time to enjoy the water—so get out there and mix things up. You’ve earned it after a long winter!

Heading out to your favorite fishing spot, even just for an hour or two, is a great way to spice up your schedule. During the later hours of the day, you might even find that popular spots are a bit quieter, their pace a little more easygoing—perfect for unwinding at the end of the day. Another choice way to switch up your routine is to catch the day’s dinner! What better midweek treat is there than fresh, flavorful seafood? And of course, nothing rallies the family around the table quite like a delicious catch-of-the-day.

We hope that these tips help you enjoy that extra hour of sunlight to the fullest!

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