Turn Thanksgiving Leftovers into Fishing Fuel

Turn Thanksgiving Leftovers into Fishing Fuel

Happy Thanksgiving! We here at Robalo hope you enjoy the holiday to the fullest—turkey, potatoes, cranberries and all.

If you find yourself with leftovers after the big day (and we’re sure you will!), we’ve got one fun way to use them: Turn them into fuel for fun on the water.

For boaters who live where the weather’s warm enough to angle after Thanksgiving, here is our guide to eating well along the way. (Of course, even if you’re indoors for the holidays, these leftover recipes are still sure to please, and can fuel whatever you have planned for the day!)

Turkey panini on whole-wheat bread

There’s a lot to love about Thanksgiving dinner—the heaping plates of turkey and sides, the ease of access to enjoy seconds (and thirds, and fourths) while surrounded by the ones you love most.

It’s the best recipe for a sleepy, relaxed evening at home with family—but when you’re on-the-go, and crave something with lean, high-action power, there is another option! And don’t worry, it doesn’t skimp on the flavor.

Simply pile your roasted turkey onto a hearty whole-wheat panini, whose slow-burning carbs will pair with the poultry’s protein to keep you going all day long. We all know fishing can be a physically demanding sport—especially when you’re looking for a big catch! –so the fuel, plus the easy, handheld nature of this sandwich, fits in perfectly. Add stuffing, cranberry sauce, greens or anything else you crave for a hearty yet light-and-on-the-go dish.

Leftover trail mix

Picked up more ingredients than you needed? Cranberries, pumpkin seeds from your pie, nuts and other goodies can be thrown together for a tasty, convenient trail mix—the perfect solution to on-the-go hunger or midday sleepiness.

Broccoli bites

Another convenient snack, broccoli florets (especially in their raw form) can make for an easy, pop-able treat, perfect for those times when you can’t take two hands off the rod. Broccoli is among the most protein-packed veggies, so it’s sure to keep you powered up as you fight for your catch.

Oatmeal for high-octane action

Leftover baking ingredients like cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin spice, cranberries and more can be mixed together to create a truly flavorful breakfast dish, oatmeal! Dressed with all the leftover Thanksgiving trimmings, this dish is anything but boring, and its slow-burning carbs will keep you feeling fuller, longer, so you can spend more time doing what you love most.

Pumpkin-spiced delight

Another great way to use pumpkin spice? Sprinkle that leftover seasoning into your morning cup-of-Joe! Even if it’s not particularly protein-packed for action on the water, it’s still sure to satisfy your need for a warm, flavorful pick-me-up on early morning trips to the coast.

We hope that these ideas help you get the most of your Thanksgiving meal! Be sure to share your own must-do recipes with us, too.

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