Fly Fishing from Your Robalo: A Fun New Twist

Fly Fishing from Your Robalo: A Fun New Twist

Fly fishing has deeply-rooted associations with the mystique of the great outdoors, the babbling streams of tucked-away forest trails where you leave civilization miles behind you and focus solely on the enticing task at hand.

It’s a romantic (and, often, realistic) depiction of fly fishing. But in our book, there’s more than one way to do it! In today’s blog, take a look at how fly fishing from your Robalo—on the ocean, your favorite lake, or just about anywhere else—can be just as rewarding an experience.

It’s easy…

Well, it’s hard to say that any water sport (especially one that involves such masterful hand-eye coordination) is “easy.” However, it probably is easier than you’re expecting if you’ve never tried it before! The learning curve is a small one, giving you a chance to learn the basics before spending hours perfecting your cast and technique. Of course, once you’re at that point, the hours seem to fade into one another—it’s just that fun.

It relieves stress

An article published by Harvard Medical School’s Department of Neurobiology suggests that fly fishing is a specific kind of fishing with equally specific stress-boosting benefits. The article points to the repetitive (but not physically strenuous) act of casting your line, which is long and extremely light, and aiming for your perfect landing spot. It’s a process of trial and error, but it’s an enjoyable one all the same.

Of course, the stress-relieving aspects of fly fishing are only helped by the physical setting of the sport. It puts you right up close and personal to nature, from small mountain brooks to wide open lakes and oceans where you’re the only one on the water. Talk about getting back to nature! This, plus the attention to fish and their habits that fly fishing requires, makes it hard for outside worries or concerns to tag along.

It puts you in good company

Looking to join a community of likeminded fishers? According to the article, nearly 40 million Americans indulge in the sport every year!

It gives you a chance to switch up the routine

What do you do when you fall into a rut? You love fishing, but you’re looking for ways to diversify your weekend experience?

Well, you switch things up, for one. Go to a new location or, in this case, take up an entirely different (but amazingly enthralling) form of fishing!

For all of your fishing needs—from laidback angling to the reflective adventure of fly fishing—count on your Robalo to bring you to the spots and experiences other boats can’t.










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