Getting the Most Out of Your Dual Console

Getting the Most Out of Your Dual Console

Dual consoles are beloved for their layout, for the chance to give both captain and passenger a comfy place to call their own.

At Robalo, we take that symmetrical layout to the next level with design, comfort and storage options that give your boat a one-of-a-kind touch.

Looking for ways to get even more out of your ride? Take a look at today’s blog for a few of our best tips.

Embrace a flexible ride

Dual console boats are flexible—and that’s how they are made to be enjoyed!

Your Robalo can help you entertain family and friends as easily as it lends itself to serious fishing thrills. But it doesn’t end there. Features such as the 2017 R227’s convertible passenger seat can allow your passenger to sit upright and enjoy the angling adventure at your side—or, if they desire some downtime, they can just as easily turn that chair into a chaise lounge and unwind.

That, of course, is just one example of our dual consoles’ adaptability. Choose your adventure, and your Robalo will follow suit!

Store to the sides

Storing gear, food, and other items toward the sides of your boat (as opposed to piles in the center) makes obvious sense on a dual console. Because this kind of boat features a deck that is framed by your consoles, you want to enjoy that central space to the fullest! While each model may vary, you can count on your Robalo to pack clever storage options that stow it all with ease.

Get to know the whole boat

If you’re upgrading from a smaller boat, a dual console like the 2017 R317 is sure to feel a whole lot roomier! What’s more, that added space isn’t just in one pocket or portion of your boat—it’s spread out, aft to bow, with a comfy cockpit space in between. The end result? Everyone on board gets a chance to kick back and enjoy the adventure from their own comfy position. Passengers can hang out at the bow, kick back and lounge around the aft, or get up close to the action from the sides of the cockpit.

Having a comfy chair opposite the helm also provides an easy opportunity for passengers to see and experience their trip like never before. Kids on their first fishing trip and seasoned anglers alike can comfortably observe the sport on equal footing with you, the captain, as opposed to crowding over your back or craning their neck to feel involved.

Do more

Don’t forget the versatility of your dual console. Unlike smaller, more specific varieties, this kind of ride can help you experience quiet fishing outings and fast-paced water sports, all in the same day. Take advantage of that versatility and enjoy new thrills alongside your current favorites.

Your dual console Robalo doesn’t just get you to the fishing destinations you love—it helps you bring along the people you love, too. We hope that these tips help you enjoy many family fishing trips to come!








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