Lucky Fishing at Georgia’s Shamrock Lake

Lucky Fishing at Georgia’s Shamrock Lake

Looking for a chance to test out your luck this St. Patrick’s Day? We can’t think of a better place to do it than Georgia’s very own Shamrock Lake, a tucked-away reservoir surrounded by natural greenery.

Many anglers have sought to test their chances on this very lake—and quite a few have been successful with their catches! In today’s blog, we’ll be exploring this angling excursion and the bountiful natural beauty it’s known for. Take a look!

Playing the name game

There’s no denying that Shamrock Lake is a purely fun place to spend an afternoon—but as for the origins behind its happy go lucky name, they’re up to you to decide!

An aerial view of the lake produces what could be a shamrock-like picture—though a rough one at best, with sections of the lake jutting out in different directions (making for plenty of lake shoreline to discover!).  Is there an unusual amount of shamrocks (or their rarer cousin, the four-leaf clover) waiting to be found on the lake’s shores? That’s a question for you to answer once you hit the water and explore it for yourself!

The fish you’ll find

Any angler is sure to wonder about the type of fish to be found in a space. Here at Shamrock Lake, there’s lots to enjoy, including channel catfish and colorful bluegill (the largest in the state was caught here in 1977!). If you’re lucky in the lake, you might just land another record fish. Even if you don’t, however, your time at Shamrock Lake will be no waste of a day—it’s the perfect spot for a lakeside picnic or relaxing, laidback trip around the lake’s borders. Jonesboro (the city Shamrock calls “home”) isn’t lacking in fun for the whole family, and nearby attractions like the beach at International Park are sure to provide cool refreshment on a hot spring or summer day. While this locale may be quiet, sometimes that’s exactly what you need! It’s sure to leave a positive impression as a true Georgia gem.

Is Shamrock Lake on your itinerary this spring? If you’re looking for a spot to spend St. Patrick’s Day, you’re in luck—literally! The reservoir opens up for the season in March, so you’ll be one of the first ones to experience the water (and the abundance of fish within it) in 2018.

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