Top Angler-Approved New Year's Resolutions for 2019

Top Angler-Approved New Year's Resolutions for 2019

Fishing makes life better—so it’s only natural we look to our favorite sport for inspiration when it comes to making New Year’s resolutions.

As we inch closer and closer to the New Year, take a look at our top angler-approved resolutions for a better year both on and off the water.

Explore the offshore

What is it about offshore fishing that strikes a chord among so many anglers? Is it the wide-openness of the horizon, the dreamy quietude of your surroundings where there’s not much besides you, your crew and the lively action below?

While we may not be able to put a finger on it, one thing’s for sure—the offshore is worth exploring in the New Year. And it’s more accessible than you think. While newer anglers may tend to cling to the coast, exploring a bit farther out is easy thanks to your Robalo’s spacious design, dry-riding freeboard and other features that make it built for every kind of adventure. You won’t regret branching out and trying something new, especially once you see the marine whoppers you reel in along the way!

Switch it up

For that matter, go ahead and switch up your whole routine. Instead of relying on the same old routine (which, of course, is still pretty fun), shift your perspective and see the water in an all-new way. Go snorkeling and get to know the marine environment up-close. Try the new technique you read about online. If you’re a river fisher, try the ocean—if you’re used to the ocean, move inland (just rinse off first, of course!). The key idea here is to have fun and keep angling ever-exciting and ever-changing in 2019.

Make it a family fishing day

Sometimes, a solo fishing trip is just what you need to clear the mind. But don’t be afraid to take family or friends along for the fun! Teaching someone how to fish is a great treasure—but even if they’re not fishing, your crewmates can spread out on board and enjoy the ride. There’s plenty of room for all, and besides—fishing with an audience just makes those eye-popping catches that much more rewarding!

Try new tech

New technology—from apps where users share tips and info on local fishing holes to depth-finder tools you can keep on board—can make fishing even better. While it’s always a good idea to “unplug” from the unnecessary stuff, like emails and social media, while you’re on the water, these tools might be just what you were missing.

Find a new lucky “something”

Out with the old, in with the new—well, not quite out with the old. Keep your old, lucky fishing cap or your favorite pair of worn-out boots for ensuring luck on the water. But in 2019, see how you can help the younger generation of anglers find their own lucky talisman, too! There’s something special about a keepsake that brings you good fortune on the water, and it’s sure to lead to lots of great laughs and fond memories.

Start the New Year off right

Need advice for New Year’s itself? Start 2019 off on a high note with a healthy fish dinner—think salmon or herring—as good luck (they say the fish scales look like coins, symbolizing New Year’s fortune), as well as a nutritious protein, perfect for those long days on the water to come.

We want to know—what resolutions, trips and changes do you have planned for the New Year? Be sure to let us know below, and have a very happy holiday with your family and friends!

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