Unique Holiday Traditions for Fishing Lovers

Unique Holiday Traditions for Fishing Lovers

Happy holidays! If your wish list looks like an outdoor store catalog—or you’re counting down the days to spring opening—you’re an avid angler. And you deserve to celebrate the season with fishy flair.

Fortunately, for folks who love to fish, there are plenty of fun, true-to-you ways to celebrate the holiday season. Just read on to see some of our favorites!

A tree with all the trimmings

For anglers who want to dress up their space this holiday season, don’t go traditional. Instead, why not swap out ornaments for colorful fish lures and make a fishing-themed tree? It’s a fun way to celebrate while also sticking true to your on-the-water roots, and is sure to serve as a conversation piece for parties and get-togethers to come.

Aquatic “snow”-globes

Young anglers will love this crafty tradition. Have them put shells, aquatic plants and even plastic fish in a mason jar. Fill it with water and glycerin (for a thicker texture), then seal and enjoy your makeshift snow globe!

An on-board holiday party

If the weather’s still warm enough where you are, host a holiday party on board! Or catch fresh fish and use it as the entrée at your next dinner get-together.

An ugly “Fishmas” sweater party

Invite some of your fishing pals over for an ugly “Fishmas” sweater party, a spin on the traditional “ugly sweater party” where guests try to out-do one another with exceedingly gaudy, goofy attire. Here, fish-themed pieces are the name of the game. One way you can be sure to win? Affix an old-fashioned singing fish (the kind that’s mounted onto a wooden plaque) to your sweater for a hilarious getup.

For the anglers on your list

Wondering what to get the fellow anglers on your list? It can be hard to pick out fishing gifts for a pro who might have specific wants and needs out of their gear—so why not take the simpler route? A gift card to your favorite waterfront fuel-up spot, a basket of boat-friendly goodies or a novelty t-shirt are all easy, meaningful options worth considering.

Bundle up for a new kind of fishing…

Is it cold and frosty where you live? Even if the weather keeps you off the water, you can still enjoy the thrill of casting a line if you’re willing to brave the elements and go ice fishing!

… or make it a tropical getaway

On the other hand, we won’t blame you if you want to escape the cold for something a little milder. Consider a new holiday tradition where you go fishing in bright, sunny environments where it’s summer all year-round—think the Florida Keys, Bahamas, California’s Channel Islands… you get the idea!

If you can’t get away, find some summertime solace right at home. Calypso or yacht rock music, paired with your favorite island refreshments and, of course, fishing clothes (comfy tees and shorts) can turn an everyday afternoon at home into a fun, impromptu get-together as you wait out the winter’s cold.

Give the gift of fishing

There’s no need to complicate things. One of the best ways to celebrate the holidays is to give the gift of fishing! Plan to take friends or family members out on the water once the weather’s warm enough, and show them the ropes. Quality time against the ever-changing backdrop of the water is a gift that can’t be replaced.

We hope that these ideas help make your festive season merrier and brighter than ever before. From our family to yours, have a very happy holiday!

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