Why Do You Fish?

Why Do You Fish?

Fishing consistently tops off the lists of Americans’ favorite outdoor activities—but what is about the sport that can bring together millions of people?

We each have our own unique reason for fishing—but there are several common threads that we can all appreciate from our favorite on-the-water pastime. Take a look below and see if you can relate!

To embrace family traditions

Tradition is in everything we do—from the way we make cookies at Christmas, to the way we celebrate big family milestones. So it’s no surprise that family tradition plays a large role in determining how we spend our spare time, too!

Fishing gives you a great way to embrace family traditions and re-experience the same things you loved when you were younger—the simplicity of fun on the water, the accomplishment of landing a catch, and the satisfaction you felt as you chowed down on a delicious post-trip lunch. You can also start traditions of your own on the water, sharing your love of fishing with others in your family.

To get inspired

Jimmy Buffet is just one famous figure who lets his love of fishing show—and it’s hard to imagine that he didn’t retreat to the water for inspiration on some of his most famous island-style songs! The relaxing nature of the shore, coupled with the reflective pastime of waiting for a catch, makes for an environment that can inspire even the most stumped minds.

To see the world from a new perspective

When the hustle and bustle of life on land gets you clamoring for a change, being on the water—whether it’s on the ocean or a quiet local pond—will let you see things in a new, pleasant way.

To get away

Some of our best trips and vacations center around the water and the easy, no-fuss pastime of fishing. Wherever you travel, you can count on there being a pond, lake or waterway waiting for you to enjoy a round of fishing with your family and friends.

To beat your personal bests

Every one of us has a bit of a competitive side—even if we’re only competing with ourselves! The chance to beat your own personal bests is a major perk of going fishing, where you can test yourself in the size of (and time it took you to achieve) your catch.

We here at Robalo want to know—why do you fish? Share your answers with us below!

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