Gone Fishing on Halloween? Our Top Tips

Gone Fishing on Halloween? Our Top Tips

If you’re looking for something to do this Halloween, beyond the usual trick-or-treat routine, we’ve got you covered. Why not go fishing instead?

It’s a great way to enjoy your preferred pastime, without escaping the spooky, seasonal feel of Halloween altogether. After all… is there anywhere better than a quiet, reflective lake or waterfront spot for enjoying a creepy chill in the air?

 Read on as we share a few of our favorite ways to celebrate Halloween from your Robalo.

Tell a spooky story on the water

Next to campfires, there’s no place more fitting for spooky storytelling than the water—especially as the sky fades closer and closer into the night, taking on a fun, creepy feel at Halloween. Take out a friend or a few fishing buddies and see who can come up with the spookiest tale, real or otherwise, about life (and haunts) on the water.

Visit “haunted” fishing grounds

Another great option? Head straight for the haunted element! For as many haunted houses there are on land, there are just as much storied spots to visit on the water—and for those looking for a chilling Halloween adventure, they can’t be beat.

Catalina Island, off Southern California, is one such example. Though its ambiance is certainly one of a luxury, resort-style escape, town ghost tours and the legends of spooky stories (such as those that stem from the island’s role in the Civil War era) lend a chilling air to the water come Halloween. Think of those legends as you go fishing offshore in this angler’s paradise, for a Halloween that’s as spooky as it is productive on the water.

Bundle up

Don’t forget about the practical side of fishing on Halloween—the bundling up! Though you may get lucky with a spot in Florida or California, even the warmest fall-time destinations can get chilly at night, so throw on a flannel shirt or sweater for good measure. The best part? This style is flexible, perfect for hopping from boat to bonfire and every fall activity in between. 

Carve angling-inspired pumpkins  

Even if you’re sticking to land this Halloween, you can still get into the angling spirit by carving fishy Jack-o-Lanterns to display on your front porch! From sharks to clownfish to your favorite underwater scene, there’s no wrong way to dress up your space for Halloween with an angler’s touch.

Dress the part

If you do decide to host a Halloween party or take the family trick-or-treating, opt for a fish-inspired costume. You can go as the epitome of anglers—plaid shirt, vest, boat boots and a lucky hat—or something inspired by the water, like a fish or even one of those singing fish gifts, affixed to a wood plaque (which you can craft out of cardboard) for a novel touch. And, of course, when it comes to candy, be sure to have plenty of Swedish Fish on hand—or perhaps gummy worm “bait!”

Whether you dress up the part of an old-fashioned angler, or head to your favorite fishing hole for some choice Halloween catches and spooky stories, this is sure to be a holiday to remember! Be sure to enjoy it with family, friends and the comfort of your Robalo.

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