An Angler’s Escape at Strawberry Reservoir

An Angler’s Escape at Strawberry Reservoir

Great Salt Lake may be the biggest in Utah—but venture a bit further east and you’ll find something just as noteworthy: an angler’s paradise by the name of Strawberry Reservoir.

And unlike its famously saline capital city counterpart, Strawberry Reservoir is teeming with life—with fish below the surface and beautiful gulls and water birds above.

Want to learn more about this Western escape? Read on as we explore the beloved reservoir and some of the best reasons to enjoy it this spring.

A thawed-out treasure

One of the most beloved aspects of angling Strawberry Reservoir is a seasonal treat—the aptly-named “Ice-Off,” in which the ice on the lake goes away and is swapped out for lively action on the water, including voracious cutthroat and rainbow trout.

This seasonal event usually happens between April and May, so a visit to Strawberry Reservoir (or simply “Strawberry,” as the locals like to call it) at this time of year is especially opportune.

And of course, even aside from the action on the water, a spring-ified Strawberry is simply a beautiful place to be. You get to see the lush landscape surrounding the lake come back to life, characterizing a gorgeous, rolling landscape whose vibrancy is sure to last long through the summer.

What’s biting?

So, what can you find biting once the lake warms up? The aforementioned cutthroat is a popular species here—the lake just asks that you catch and release these guys, since they help to maintain a healthy balance of species in the lake.

You’ll also find kokanee, red shiner, Utah chub and even crawdads, a crustacean species that the whole family will enjoy catching.

Room to roam

There’s plenty of room to explore on Strawberry’s surface—not only that, but the lake is conveniently divided into four unique areas, each with its own charm and character. There are three basins—Strawberry, Meadows and Soldier Creek—as well as the aptly-named “Narrows,” a meandering in-between passageway good for getting closer to the shoreline and enjoying those up-close-and-personal views. Each of the basins offers up some great fishing, including Soldier Creek, the deepest of the three and a choice spot for kokanee come the hotter months.

Don’t forget the views…

You might come to Strawberry for what your friends and family have told you about it—about the fun they had and successes they won. But you’ll want to stick around for the beautiful views that surround the lake, too, the sloping stretches of green and the sky that—come sunset—turns into a vibrant medley of colors, a backdrop that’ll make you ask “five more minutes?” like you’re a kid again.

And of course, if ever there was a lake to hone your other skills—your budding water sports passion or interest in slow, leisurely dinner cruises—Strawberry is it. The reservoir offers every kind of boater a chance to indulge their interests, whatever they may be.

Dreamy sunsets and some truly memorable fishing await you at Strawberry Reservoir—see what else is waiting to be discovered soon!

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