Eyes on the Water: Why We Love a Center Console

Eyes on the Water: Why We Love a Center Console

For every boater, there’s a specific model that just seems to work perfectly for his or her needs and interests on the water. It just so happens that a center console boat is that ideal model for a great many boaters!

Why is the center console so popular—and will it work for your on-the-water routine? We hope to answer these questions and more in today’s blog.


Looking for a no-fuss experience on the water? Center consoles are some of the simplest boats around, both in terms of style and functionality. On a center console, you’ll find a sleek, uncomplicated surface, built-in seating and open edges perfect for casting your line with ease. This is a perk that anglers can appreciate, and it’s a key part of what center consoles are all about.

Simplicity can also be enjoyed when it comes time to store your center console boat. Since so many models are compact and easy to store or transport, many can easily fit in your garage and be towed to the water for your next fishing trip.

Ease of access for fishing

Like we said, few boats are as apt at providing a simple, enjoyable fishing experience as center consoles are. The ease of access doesn’t end at the edges of the boat—in fact, the entire center console design is geared around making your fishing trip a more successful one. You’ll see this in the design of the console, which allows you to land a catch on either side of the boat with ease (since, like the name implies, you’re never too far on one side to catch on the other to do it).

Greater visibility

Thanks to the ideal positioning of your console, you’re in complete control when it comes to navigating your Robalo. When perched at your console, you can easily see straight ahead of you and enjoy a wide open peripheral view of either side—and it just takes a quick turn behind you to check in with family and friends seated at the stern. For boaters who love being in control, the layout of a center console gives you an easy way to see everything that’s going on around you with a quick glance.

Family comfort

Center consoles may be smaller than other models, but they don’t lack in comfort. Robalo center consoles come with options such as seating at both the bow and the stern, as well as built-in coolers and storage that let you pack in plenty of fun, food and refreshments for the length of your trip. Your model can also come with handy built-in shade, or you can add in a cover later on with ease. It’s these features (and more) that make our center consoles so family-friendly.

Versatile boat for versatility-minded boaters

While center consoles are so perfect for fishing, they’re built to be enjoyed in a wide variety of ways. You can take yours out and stock it with water toys for a fun day on the lake, pull up with ease to your favorite waterfront café, or fill it up with everything you need for a peaceful family picnic on the water. The center console is conducive to a variety of activities, and we know you’ll have fun discovering more and more uses for yours every time you take a trip!

Center consoles are popular among many boaters thanks to their versatility, functionality and, of course, sleek style. Not sure which boat type is right for you? Browse through our website or visit a dealer near you to learn more about all the boats Robalo has to offer. We’re to help you find a boat you love!

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