Take a Virtual Tour of Arizona's Most Beloved Lake

Take a Virtual Tour of Arizona's Most Beloved Lake

Pining for warm weather? For anglers, cruisers, water sports lovers and every kind of boater, Lake Pleasant might be just the solution.

The lake, one of Arizona’s most beloved, has been seeing sunny, 70-degree days even as we dive into the holiday season—but balmy weather is just the beginning of what this gorgeous destination has to offer.

Read on as we take a virtual tour of this Southwest gem—a must-do destination for the fall and winter months.

Location, location, location

The one-of-a-kind setup that surrounds Lake Pleasant is a beautiful, dreamy landscape—a scrubby dessert horizon marked by rolling mountains (and even some in-lake mounds) that fade into the distance. It’s a picturesque environment, the exact sort of place you’d want to escape to if you were facing frigid temps and snow back at home—so if that sounds like you, put Lake Pleasant on your “to-visit” list soon.

The reservoir boasts boating, boarding and fishing fun 365 days a year—and you almost feel like you could come back here each of those 365 days to try something new. The atmosphere invites exploration, and if we didn’t know the lake was named after its dam designer, Carl Pleasant, we’d surely attribute it to the warm, relaxing, fun-loving air instead.

What’s biting?

So—with so much to do, where do you start?

For Robalo anglers, the answer is, of course, with some fishing! The Phoenix-area lake is known, regionally, as the best for bass. Trophy-sized largemouth, as well as striper, crappie, tilapia, channel cats and many more have been landed here.

Hang around the main channel for some quality, deep-water angling, but don’t forget to check out the lake’s self-described hotspots, too, such as Humbug Creek, Castle Creek and Cole's Wash. These are feeding grounds, and naturally make for great places to try your luck, too.

For high-octane thrills

If you prefer to fish during the morning and late afternoon, a great way to spend the meantime is to go for a swim, cruise around the lake or even break out your board or water skis and ride around! Rafting up or enjoying easygoing waterfront bites are also great ways to pass an afternoon. Complement the fast-paced fun with some laidback cruising, and watch as the landscape shifts hues throughout the day under the Arizona sun—there’s nothing quite like meandering along Lake Pleasant’s curving shore, with no schedule or plans to guide your path… just the water itself!

Creature comforts

The lake is open 24 hours a day, so you’re not limited to the sunlight! Go camping at the lake or stay on board, where you can get a bright-and-early start to the next day’s adventures.

Ready to plan your adventure? The warm, sunny weather at Lake Pleasant can’t be beat—and neither can the action on the water! We hope you enjoy your trip there to the fullest.

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