A Florida Weekend: Coast to Coast and Infinite Fun

A Florida Weekend: Coast to Coast and Infinite Fun

There are endless opportunities for angling fun along Florida’s pristine, eclectic shores. Whether it's the Gulf or Atlantic side of the Sunshine State, there are always great fishing adventures that await. 

Read on as we share a few of our favorite coast-to-coast highlights!

Gold Coast: Offshore fishing and glitzy vistas

Wondering what fishing the Gold Coast is all about? Look no further than the nickname itself! The tri-country stretch of shoreline encompasses cities that are known for their luxury, from bustling Miami Beach all the way up to West Palm Beach itself. At this northern point, you’ll find brilliant waterfront cityscapes and opulent architecture that marries modern style with Old Florida glam and Mediterranean flourishes.

Don’t be fooled, though—head just a bit out, and those lux touches fade into a view that’s thoroughly unspoiled. The expanse of Florida’s offshore splendor is just beyond your bow. West Palm Beach overlooks the Lake Worth Lagoon, which offers access to the great Atlantic Ocean—a point of pride for the state since its offshore opportunities are so readily accessible. If you came to the state for some serious sport fishing, here’s where you go. Look for mahi-mahi, blue marlin, Coney grouper, barracudas… and so much more.

Sun Coast: White sand shores and beautiful bays

Florida’s Sun Coast might be so named for the bright, shiny brilliance of its beaches—in Tampa area spots like Clearwater, white sand shapes a one-of-a-kind beach experience. Of course, that sand is just the starting point for a great many on-the-water adventures: angling trips largely characterized by shallow water, charming, protected bays and coves, and a smattering of island oases to explore.

While you may need to venture a bit further out to hit those choice offshore spots, many anglers happily spend their days closer to shore—and why wouldn’t they? Gulf flounder, bonefish, permits and other unique species are all biting, and the experience is characterized by a variety of beautiful backgrounds—from the charming cityscape from Tampa Bay itself to the remote, back-to-nature locales that abound a bit down the coast.

Your Robalo connection

Be sure to stop by your Tampa Bay Robalo connection, Indian Springs Marina, at this year’s show. You’ll learn the latest Robalo info… or simply get some insights on the best area spots to explore!

Florida is known for beautiful beaches, waterways and never-ending sun—but look a little closer and you’ll see, each nook and coast sports its own one-of-a-kind character besides. We hope you enjoy your bicoastal adventure this summer!



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