Fishing Biloxi Bay… and Beyond

Fishing Biloxi Bay… and Beyond

Every winter, as frosty weather swirls around up north, we often head southward to find warmth and a welcome reprieve from the snow. Who knew we’d find hospitality and a veritable boater’s paradise in the process?

When you come down to Biloxi Bay and the surrounding area, you’re greeted by great weather and ample chances to enjoy some time on the water—and whether you like to go inshore or offshore, fish fresh or brackish, there’s something here for you.

Read on to learn more about this Gulf Coast gem.

Location, location, location

You’ve heard the old adage in real estate: what really matters is “location, location, location.” We happen to agree—and think Biloxi Bay’s got a pretty great one.

The brackish body of water sits between the greater Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi Sound, and that mix of fresh and saltwater can be seen especially in its north end and inland offshoots, like Mullet or Big Lake. This unique medley of water makes for some great fishing—anglers have caught hefty flounder, black drum and more—while the layout of the bay lets you meander north or south with ease depending on your mood and goals for the day.

Exploring the offshore

Of course, if you find yourself searching for an open-water experience, the fun doesn’t stop at Biloxi Bay. In fact, venture a bit farther south and you’ll find a bevy of offshore islands just close enough to make them accessible—but just far removed enough to make them feel delightfully remote and out-of-touch. Sometimes, like when fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, that’s exactly what you want.

Horn Island is part of the state’s National Seashore, and it is here that you will find that coveted sense of back-to-nature basics. Since Horn Island is inaccessible to anyone but private boaters, you can explore the surroundings and truly feel like you’ve stumbled upon something special and all your own. Closer to shore (but just as worth visiting) is Deer Island, a local spot whose sandy shores and lush green flora serve as the perfect backdrop to your Gulf adventures.

Once you get back to mainland, kick back and visit Robalo dealer Ocean Marine Group up in Gulf Port! There’s no better way to truly get to know the area—or see what Robalo’s been up to!

So put away the winter coats and road salt—in Biloxi Bay and the surrounding Gulf, your only worry is where to start your journey.

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