Gear Up for a Graduation Fishing Trip

Gear Up for a Graduation Fishing Trip

Maybe you’re a new college graduate—or simply the proud parent of one. Either way, this season is something to celebrate. So why not do it the best way we know how?

We’re talking about a graduation fishing trip—one of the easiest yet most memorable ways to mark the big day.

Read on as we share a few of our favorite ways to celebrate from your Robalo.

Enjoy a reflective adventure

Graduation is all about looking ahead—as well as reflecting on the steps, bumps and winding paths that got you here! If your grad is in need of some retrospection, opt for a fishing trip to a place where they’re free to do exactly that.

One spot especially known for its remarkably reflective surface is Lake Perris, a Southern California gem whose rich, clear water is popular for swimmers, boaters, and anglers—there are bullhead, green sunfish, bass, bluegill and much more to find. The early morning is a great time to get out and get started in a more serene setting. You can also do some great post-grad thinking on a hike of the sloping, sandy Alessandro Island at the heart of the lake.

Celebrate, party-style

Of course, as is the case with any major milestone, sometimes the best way to celebrate is with a party! At some lakes across America, you don’t need to do any planning to stumble upon a lively raft-up or shoreline gathering. Particularly popular are spots like Arizona’s Lake Havasu. As it turns out, one of the state’s best fishing lakes is also one of its liveliest for on-the-water reveling… so after some relaxing time spent fishing for crappie, flathead catfish, redear sunfish and more, you can pull into a cove, kick back and celebrate your big day.

Explore your new stomping grounds…

Another great option (for parents and grads alike) is to head out to your new stomping grounds and go fishing there! Maybe you’re moving for a new job or graduate school—or if you’re graduating high school, a brand new college to make your own. While most have things like “apartment” or “furniture” to check off your list, avid anglers know that no move is truly complete without feeling settled at the new place’s fishing scene. So take some time to explore and feel at home!

… or keep it local

Of course, you can’t go wrong by sticking close to home, too. No matter where you are, you’ll find that all you need for a graduation celebration is your favorite local fishing spot—and some great company, too, in the way of the family and friends that helped get you there. Everyone can bring a treat to enjoy to achieve a sort of potluck meal. Play your favorite songs from the last few years and you have a party that’s ready-to-go.

Land a record-setting catch

If you just graduated college, you probably have a shiny new degree to proudly display on your wall. Why not add another—a certificate for fishing excellence, perhaps? Land a big catch that earns you a tournament win, or at the very least, a photo you’ll want to frame and remember forever.

Whether your angling style is smooth and laidback or filled with fun and plenty of people to see, there’s a fishing destination worth trekking to this summer. Find one you love, cast your line and enjoy!


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