Savor Shrimp Scampi Day on Your Robalo

Savor Shrimp Scampi Day on Your Robalo

Smooth and buttery, brought to life with garlic and a touch of lemon, shrimp scampi is a seafood lover’s dream. The only way to make it better? Catch your dinner and enjoy it fresh on your Robalo!

In honor of Shrimp Scampi Day on April 29th, we’re taking a closer look at this delicious seafood treat—as well as some choice ways to make it your own on board. Just read on.

Landing the catch

Whipping up a fresh, zesty shrimp scampi is a go-to for many seafood lovers—but if you want the freshest possible dish, skip the grocery store and head straight for the water. While it may be a less common catch than your mahi, tuna or snapper, shrimp is certainly an option for anglers who like to mix things up, try something new, and—of course—dig into delicious flavors.

If you decide you’re ready to become a small-time shrimper while on the water with friends, you may be wondering, how do I start? Simple. First, check the shrimp catch regulations for your preferred spot—see when you can go shrimping, where, and how many you can bring home per boat. Next, use a cast net and bucket to collect shrimp from your preferred spot, which will often be a shallow spot, brackish creek or bay (low tide is best). This step will require some patience, but shrimping often puts you at the heart of some pretty picturesque surroundings—think gorgeous shallow-water escapes, like the Florida Keys. Plus, while you’re there, you will also be able to try for other shallow-water catches like tarpon and bonefish (who crave shrimp almost as much as you do!).

Enjoy a Robalo picnic…

Once you’ve enjoyed some successful shrimping (or even picked some up day-of—we won’t judge!), it’s time to dress up your shrimp in classic scampi flavor. This is the easy part. While each recipe may vary slightly, virtually all of them call for a blend of garlic, butter, and lemon, with other seasonings to taste. Toss it all together with thin noodles for a delightfully fresh dish you’re sure to love! Plus, this dish is easy to prepare ahead of time—once it’s whipped up, put your dish into some tumble-friendly containers and bring them on board for a perfect Robalo picnic! Does anything pair better with fresh seafood flavor than the gentle rolling of the waves, salty air, and the sea breeze? We can’t think of anything…

… or savor scampi with ease

Looking to enjoy a more hands-free experience? Skip the kitchen prep and enjoy shrimp scampi at your favorite waterfront restaurant! Opt for a dock-and-dine experience so that you never have to be far from the water. From the Florida Keys to just about anywhere along the Gulf Coast, there are plenty of shrimp-happy destinations to choose from.

Ready to dig in? Whether you catch your own shrimp for a fresh-from-the-sea treat, or enjoy a meal at your favorite dock-and-dine café, this Shrimp Scampi Day offers plenty of opportunities to savor delicious fun with friends and family.

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