Should You Try Kayak Fishing?

Should You Try Kayak Fishing?

Are you looking for ways to switch up your switching style on the water? Load up your Robalo with your kayak and see where the water takes you—kayak fishing might be your new favorite pastime!

To see why we love this unique take on fishing, see our blog below!

A new way to see the water

Looking for a way to get a little closer to the water that you love—and perhaps gain an advantage when it comes to spotting more fish? Supplementing your Robalo with a trusty kayak will give you a chance to reexperience your favorite bodies of water from an all new perspective.

More accessible waterways

What happens when you’re out for a day of fishing, and you run into waters that are intriguing but inaccessible? Whether they are extremely shallow or simply too narrow for your own boat, boarding your kayak for this leg of your journey will let you see and access new spots that you might not have imagined before.

A chance to catch more fish

If you’ve been fishing for a while, you know that fish can get spooked like the best of us—and if they feel threatened, they’ll try to get away from you as quickly as possible. While experienced anglers will idle, stay quiet, and keep still in order to land those tough catches, it can still be helpful to get onto your kayak and fish that way for a while. When you do, you’ll be moving so slowly and gently that nearby fish will be less quick to react—plus, it’s just one more skill to learn on the water!

Have boat, will travel

When it comes to kayak fishing, the best way to do it is with a boat you already own serving as the “jumping-off” point. This is a helpful tip in many scenarios—you can’t always kayak your way out to a far offshore spot, for example, but you can cruise there on your Robalo and then set your kayak down from there, experiencing deeper waters and bigger fish from the unique perspective of your kayak. Starting off with a bigger boat will also let you enjoy the rush of fishing for large catches without having to tiredly paddle your way back to shore—simply get back on board and relax!

Your Robalo offers you the perfect balance between laidback angling from on board, and streamlined excursions into your favorite waterways. Share your own kayaking adventures with us in the comments below.

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